A downloadable game for Windows

Originally Created in 48 hours for Seattle Indies Game Jam 2019

Theme: "Intentionally Broken"

๐Ÿ† Judges' Honorable Mention ๐Ÿ†

๐Ÿ† Showcase Community Choice ๐Ÿ†


In The BridgeMaster, you are a magician who discovers that your neighboring village is collapsing! The townsfolk have been left stranded on the pockets of land still left standing. It's now up to you to save them! In this tile-based puzzle game, you must salvage materials from the village, build bridges across the chasms, and give the townspeople a route out. Just be sure that you're not blocking the path you create for them to escape!



How To

Advance Dialogue

Click anywhere on screen


Click on the Magician and drag along the path you want her to take

Collect Resource

While standing next to a building tile, click on the building to gather its materials

Build Bridge

While standing next to a chasm, click on the Magician and drag to the other side

Save Villager

After bridging the chasms, move aside to give the Villager a clear escape route to the Rune Tile you entered from

Finish Level

Move the Magician to the Exit Rune Tile

Restart / Quit

Click the navigation button in the upper left for options to Quit or Restart the game


Special Thanks To: Liann E. M. Garcia, Sam Kern, and Eric Carter


The jam is now over, but we're continuing to develop the project! We're interested to hear your feedback, both to keep us going and for suggested improvements, which you can do by rating the game or leaving a comment below. Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

After unzipping the compressed file, open the application named "The BridgeMaster"


The BridgeMaster (Windows) 33 MB
Original Game Jam Submission (Windows) 32 MB

Development log

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