A downloadable game for Windows

Play BIG to win -- race through the hordes of antagonistic shapes to victory. Merge with your enemies to amass even greater power, but be careful! With great size comes great responsibility -- and risk!

A Shoot 'Em Up with a twist!

Your goal is to survive, but you're not alone. Run your face into your opposition to assimilate them into your ever-growing mass of quads. A larger shape means more bullets, and assimilated shapes can act as a shield as well. But beware, some of your foes are anomalous, and might not cooperate with your plan!

Play Time

Each round lasts upwards of 90 seconds.


Mouse and Keyboard:

  • W-A-S-D to move
  • Q & E to rotate
  • Left Mouse Button to fire


  • Left Analog Stick to move
  • Left & Right bumpers to rotate
  • Face button 3 to fire (A / X)


Game made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2021 jam

Install instructions

Unzip the compressed folder and run the application "GMTK2021"


Threatris_2021-06-13_b.zip 25 MB

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