A downloadable game for Windows

Originally Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2019

Theme: "What Does Home Mean To You"

🏆 Honorable Mention for Best Use of Color 🏆


In else { return home; } you play as a robot, alone in a post-apocalyptic Seattle, in this first-person explore-em-up. Whenever you leave home, your battery quickly drains, so you must return home often to recharge yourself. With the help of an old photo, your robot pet Dorg, and all the junk you can salvage from a dilapidated city, you set out to find what home really means to you.


Action Keyboard + Mouse Dual Stick Controller
Move WASD | Arrow Keys Left Joystick
Look Mouse Right Joystick
Interact Left Click A (xbox) | X (ps4)
Run Shift Left Trigger
Show Photo Space Bar Right Trigger
Pause Game Esc Start (xbox) | Options (ps4)


Special Thanks To: Liann E. M. Garcia and Kienan Briscoe


Else Return Home (Windows) 43 MB
Original GGJ 2019 Submission (Windows) 32 MB

Install instructions

After unzipping the compressed file, open the application named "Else-Return-Home"

Development log


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Beautiful graphics! It is a fun world to explore :)

Great to hear, glad you've enjoyed the game!


Seeing as I didn't read the description, the game was a lot different from what I thought it was going to be, but I still really enjoyed it! I'm not completely sure if I finished it, but it was a fun little adventure! Well done!

Awesome, thanks for streaming us! Glad you were able to pick up on many of the ideas we were shooting for. Yep, once you assemble your friend, that's when you've won. A few things we need to clean up, but we're making updates and plan to add more. Thanks again!


Hey guys. Great GGJ game.  But I felt lost. Maybe a minimap would help. Great shaders by the way. Bye

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Hey, thanks for playing and for the feedback! A minimap is something we had in mind but didn't get to during the jam. We will definitely be making updates, and a minimap may be coming soon. Thanks again!

I learned the city after 4-5 games. It's a small zone, you don't need a map.